Russia Considering Nationwide Ban On Beauty And The Beast Because Of A ‘Gay Moment’ In The Film

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These are the people Donald Trump appears to be more and more in bed with across each passing day.

The Russian government is apparently coming under pressure to administer a nationwide ban on Disney‘s new film Beauty and the Beast because of the country’s tight laws against “gay propaganda,” and the alleged inclusion of an “exclusively gay moment” within the film.

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According to reports from the BBC, Russian culture minister Vladimir Medinsky and other officials in the country are now under pressure to check the film and see if it ought to be banned, with likely action coming soon thereafter depending on the final decision.

There’s a specific Russian law that prohibits the spreading of “gay propaganda” to children, and considering the fact that the live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast contains Disney’s first-ever gay character and love scene, well, a ban might just come down.

The issue hinges on what film director Bill Condon has been calling an “exclusively gay moment” in the film, where the character LeFou (played by Josh Gad) tries to come to terms with his feelings for the film’s main antagonist, Gaston.

There’s apparently a “big pay-off” at the end of the film, which is due to be released in Russia on March 16, unless something changes.

And now, an MP named Vitaly Milonov from the United Russia party that governs the country has urged the nation’s culture minister to screen the film before it is released to see it if complies with the law.

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Milonov, according to the BBC, said Russia should “take measures to totally ban” the film if the culture minister finds those “elements of propaganda of homosexuality.”

Well then.

We’ll have to see if Russia goes and bans Beauty and the Beast… sadly, just the mere threat of a ban tells you all you need to know about their social issue policy focus!!!

Mar 4, 2017 5:34pm PDT

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