Donald Trump Goes On Unhinged Rant — Accuses Barack Obama Of ‘Nixon/Watergate’ Wiretapping, Slams ‘Pathetic’ Arnold Schwarzenegger

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This guy is the President of the United States, right?

Because Donald Trump sure isn’t acting like it — and after a notably nasty Twitter meltdown this morning, we are still only just picking our jaws up off the floor.

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The orange-tinted President went off the deep end a few hours ago, not only calling out Arnold Schwarzenegger for leaving the Apprentice TV franchise, but also in a much more disturbing way.

In regards to Russian connections that are rapidly consuming Trump’s cabinet and inner circle, the Prez said this — blasting Barack Obama (?!) for wiretapping Trump Tower last year (below):

Whoa… WHAT????

Did you catch that in there, along with all that Russia mumbo-jumbo about Attorney General Jefferson Sessions?! The tweets where The Donald accuses the past President of wiretapping his phones???

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Unhinged. Totally unhinged.

The Donald is right about one thing though (below):

This does have a Richard Nixon and Watergate type of feel… only with Trump being Nixon, ya know. Just wait.

Oh, and yeah, Trump does take his shot at Schwarzenegger here, too (below):

Oh boy.

Somebody needs to wrestle away this man’s phone, because the early morning tweeting is cartoonish — and certainly not fit for a President!

Mar 4, 2017 11:27am PDT

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