Don Cheadle Accuses Donald Trump Of Dropping The N-Word In Front Of A Family Friend!

don cheadle goes in on trump

Don Cheadle is taking some SERIOUS shots at Donald Trump.

As you surely know, the House Of Lies actor isn’t shy about being an outspoken critic of the Trumpster’s presidency, but over the weekend, things took an intense turn when he accused POTUS of using a racial slur before entering the White House. DAYUMMM.

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So how did all this come out?? Well, amid a debate on Twitter about Russia’s alleged ties to the Trump campaign, George Clooney‘s bestie wrote:

How awful. Although, it sounds very on brand for Drumpf. We mean, this is the same man who claimed he could grab any “pussy” he wanted and called Mexican immigrants “rapists.” Smh.

However, several people are frustrated with Don for not bringing this story to light during the campaign. On his decision to stay silent on the racist anecdote, Cheadle defended:

Of course, many followers online wanted more info/proof about the supposed conversation. And while Don didn’t offer up any specifics about the racially charged chat, he clapped back:

Obviously, the Ocean’s Eleven vet didn’t leave his defense there as he continued:

Huh. These are some serious accusations, but we have a feeling Trump will *poorly* defend himself on Twitter when he gets a chance.

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Mar 6, 2017 9:01am PDT

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