First Words In Star Wars Episode VIII Revealed! And They Change EVERYTHING!

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Ever since the (literal) cliffhanger ending of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, fans have been throwing out speculation basically nonstop about what was coming next in The Last Jedi.

Was Rey actually Luke Skywalker’s daughter? His former student? Did he leave her on the planet to scavenge for herself?

Well, it turns out most of the fan theories were about as accurate as stormtrooper fire, because the nature of Luke and Rey’s relationship has now been revealed!

Photo: Disney Unveils New Cast Photo Of The Han Solo Star Wars Spinoff!

At a Disney shareholders meeting, the very first footage was shown, including Luke’s long-awaited first words!

Thanks to many Bothans (and one leaky L.A. Times reporter who attended), we have a brief Twitter description of the footage:

“Who are you?”

That’s right! They don’t know each other! This isn’t the father/daughter relationship you’re looking for!

We actually love this as after the last movie, this one really needs to forge its own path. Another “I am your father” moment would just feel like Rogue One. Sorry, we meant fanservice.

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Miller also drops some other descriptions of the footage, but we’re guessing he doesn’t normally do the movie reporting because everything else he says is totally vague:

Maybe he’s just trying to keep us spoiler free?

In any case, thanks, Dan!

[Image via Disney.]

Mar 8, 2017 6:51pm PDT

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