Statue Of Liberty Goes Dark On International Women’s Day Eve — And People Can’t Ignore The Suspicious Timing!

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YAS Lady!!!!

This year’s International Women’s Day is an important one given the heated political climate, with hundreds of thousands of women nationwide going on strike for “A Day Without A Woman.”

And for those who didn’t get the memo, Lady Liberty herself is here to remind us!

On Tuesday night, the Statue of Liberty‘s lights went off for more than an hour in New York Harbor — and people aren’t quite sure what made the monument go dark.

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National Park Service officials are looking into the “unplanned” outage, and suspect it is likely related to “an ongoing project to activate a new emergency backup generator” in part of the last remaining Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

Of course, many pointed out the perfect timing of the darkness on Liberty Island, which notably occurred on the eve of A Day Without A Woman, a strike that a number of groups planned for Wednesday.

The Twitter account for Women’s March, one of the bigger groups in on the strike, sent Lady Liberty their love for standing with their cause, tweeting:

Park officials pointed that the darkness was “likely” due to a project that involved hoisting a backup generator high enough to avoid potential floodwaters.

However, people couldn’t ignore the suspicious timing of the statue’s hiatus:

Do YOU think Lady Liberty’s lights went out on purpose, or just a happy coincidence?

[Image via Twitter.]

Mar 8, 2017 11:25am PST

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