This Case Is Smokin’! Miami Lawyer’s Pants Catch Fire During An ARSON Trial!

Miami lawyer's pants catch on fire.

We have a burning question for this guy! What in the fiery pits of hell happened here???

Miami defense lawyer Stephen Gutierrez‘s pants reportedly caught on fire during an ARSON TRIAL and it’s the one of the most surreal things we’ve ever read.

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On Wednesday, Gutierrez was in the middle of giving closing arguments — arguing that his client’s car had spontaneously combusted, not intentionally been set on fire — when his right pants pocket started to smoke.

The lawyer had been rummaging in his pocket at the time, and as the smoke rose, he ran out of the courtroom only to return later with a blackened pocket. He explained the odd episode by stating that his e-cigarette battery had malfunctioned.

According to observers, Gutierrez insisted his mini conflagration was not “a staged defense demonstration gone wrong.”


Gutierrez had been in the middle of representing Claudy Charles, who was accused of setting his car on fire in South Miami-Dade. Jurors ultimately found him guilty of second-degree arson.

Apparently, Gutierrez is currently under investigation and could also be held in contempt of court by judge Michael Hanzman.

Guess he’s catching a lot of heat for this! Ha!

Mar 9, 2017 1:25pm PDT

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