Nicki Minaj’s Brother’s Lawyer Calls DNA Evidence In Child Rape Case ‘Meaningless’ — WHAT??

nicki minaj brother rape case

Nicki Minaj‘s brother may want to get another lawyer.

Why? Well, because, the defense strategy the legal expert is using in Jelani Maraj‘s child rape case is kind of bananas.

As you may recall, the Anaconda rapper’s flesh-and-blood is standing trial for allegedly raping and sodomizing a 12-year-old girl between April and November 2015. To make matters worse, Jelani’s semen was found on the tween accuser’s pants.

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Here’s where the crazzzy defense comes in…

According to Mr. Maraj’s legal counsel, named David Schwartz, it doesn’t matter that Nicki’s bro’s DNA was discovered on the kiddo’s pants. Huh?

Apparently, Schwartz is defending that because his client and the accuser lived in the same house, the alleged victim could’ve gotten the semen from anywhere within their residence. SERIOUSLY??

David noted in a recent statement:

“When you live in the same house, your DNA is everywhere. The fact that Jelani’s DNA was found on a pair of pants is really meaningless.”

Yeah, but it isn’t just DNA though — it was specifically semen. And if Law & Order: SVU has taught us anything, it’s that semen evidence is CRUCIAL to a case.

Nonetheless, Schwartz is defending that the semen discovered by the prosecution is microscopic. The attorney is also calling into question the accuser’s claims about being sexually assaulted by Jelani four to five times a week, as if it were true, “there would be semen all over the place.”

Schwartz clapped back:

“How do you have sex so much that there’s only a microscopic drop of semen?”

The defense attorney also called out the Nassau District Attorney’s Office for taking six months to discover the semen. Supposedly, an initial DNA search of the pants in question didn’t even locate Maraj’s semen at first.

C’mon, man. We’re sure Maraj’s lawyer is grasping at straws as the A-lister’s bro rejected a seven-year plea deal. He’s currently facing life in prison, if convicted.

It’ll be inneresting to see how this whole thing plays out in court. Jelani is due back before the judge sometime this week AND his trial is expected to start later this month. In short: the drama is only just starting.

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Mar 9, 2017 8:32am PDT

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