Adele Jumps To Justin Bieber’s Defense After He Got Booed At Her Concert!

Adele defends the Biebs!

Adele is too kind!

The multiple Grammy winner defended Justin Bieber when he was booed by approximately 95K people during her gig at ANZ Stadium in Sydney Friday.

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It began innocently enough with Adele asking the crowd at her concert if they would be attending the Biebs’ show at the same venue the following week when she was met with a roar of boos. Rude!!!

The 28-year-old immediately admonished her fans, saying:

“If you started out at 12, you’d be like that too, okay!”

Okay, so that kind of sounds like shade, but we know what she meant!

It can’t have been easy for Justin to have grown up in the spotlight, hence some of his acting out in previous years. In his defense, however, he does seem to have gotten his shit together lately!

Biebsy will be performing at ANZ Stadium Wednesday, March 15, and is expected to draw a crowd of 70K. NICE!

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Mar 10, 2017 12:00pm PDT

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