America’s Next Reality Star May Be… O.J. Simpson!?

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Keeping Up With O.J.?

Public fascination with O.J. Simpson resurged last year after hit shows like American Crime Story and O.J.: Made In America dissected the murder trial of the former NFL star.

Well, it looks like the disgraced athlete may be on TV again sooner that later, as he could be released from prison as early as October, and is already eyeing some opportunities in reality TV.

TMZ spoke with several reality production companies, agents, and platforms where a show could potentially find a home. While no details were given, most respondents agreed O.J.’s potential show would most likely be a documentary or interview format.

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In case you’ve forgotten, over a decade ago Simpson co-wrote the book If I Did It — in which his co-author claims he confessed to the double murder — and subsequently shot a TV special in 2006 which featured the guilty passage.

The special was never aired due to public outcry, but producers today are certain some thirsty platform will recreate the special that was never broadcast.

But don’t get too nervous (excited?) just yet; industry experts say broadcast and cable networks would never air a show starring O.J., as the public would rightfully freak out.

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However, that doesn’t necessarily apply to platforms like Pay-Per-View, since users could watch the program without being judged.

As for O.J.’s paycheck, any money he makes would likely go toward paying his $33 million wrongful death judgement.

Look on the bright side, O.J.’s show would have some GREAT crossover potential with KUWTK — we can already see his dramatic sit down with Kris Jenner!

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Would YOU watch O.J.’s reality show?

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Mar 10, 2017 11:48am PDT

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