White House Intruder Arrested — But Not Before Getting Very Close To President Donald Trump

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This is scary!!

Every year or so, it seems like there’s a story about a random guy (or gal) who hops a fence at the White House and runs around on the lawn before being apprehended by the U.S. Secret Service.

But late last night, a White House intruder made it **all** the way up the lawn and got to a White House entrance very near President Donald Trump before being stopped by security!!

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Late last night, just before midnight local time, an un-named man scaled a fence on the south side of the complex and ran all the way up to the south portico entrance — the well-known spot where the President typically addresses the public and greets guests.

That entrance is very close to where the President’s personal quarters are — and yes, Trump was in the White House at the time, though he was never in any danger, according to a statement released by the Secret Service.

The intruder brought a backpack with him, and that was checked and screened as a precaution, although no hazardous materials were found. Officials also searched the grounds across the entire White House complex, but never turned up anything suspicious.

Scary, scary stuff.

Obviously, it’s great to see that nothing came of this — well, besides this random guy now getting arrested. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt!

Mar 11, 2017 1:15pm PDT

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