Muhammad Ali Jr. Was Detained At ANOTHER Airport

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Are you serious, TSA???

The Donald Trump administration’s travel ban has been a source of controversy from day one, and part of the fall-out from the initial ban centered on the son of Muhammad Ali, after he was detained at an airport for hours last month — all because of his faith.

And now, well, here we go again.

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Muhammad Ali, Jr. and his lawyers say that on Friday afternoon at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C., while trying to check in for a flight at the ticket counter, he was flagged on a computer check and AGAIN detained by TSA agents who needed “more information” about him.

Word has it that the agent at the desk “wouldn’t accept” Ali Jr.’s government-issued Illinois driver’s license (?!?!), and instead put the boxer’s son on the phone with Department of Homeland Security officials.

Then, after a 20-minute phone call (the TSA says it was “only” 11 minutes), Ali was let pass and flew home.


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Ali’s lawyers are adamant — this is about his faith, and it’s clearly a fact that whomever should be held to account for this — TSA, the President and his administration, etc. — needs to figure some things out and stop detaining travelers who just so happen to be Muslim.

Shameful, TSA!!!

[Image via CBS.]

Mar 11, 2017 3:01pm PDT

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