Chrissy Teigen Says What We Are All Thinking About Those Shitty Internet Commenters

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You go, Chrissy Teigen.

The amazing momma, hot model, and gorgeous wife to John Legend let out some steam on Twitter over the weekend after she screenshotted a picture of angry commenters criticizing her parenting skills!

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Teigen started it off with the pic tweet itself, showing just a hint of all the bull shit celebs go through on the daily from a faceless, nameless group of angry Internet trolls (below):

Those comments… goodness gracious!!

But at least Chrissy’s response (above) was legit!

And she followed it up with another gem immediately after, succinctly summing up everything we are all thinking about shitty Internet trolls (below):

Preach, girl, PREACH!! You are on point!!

Just saying what we are all thinking…


Mar 12, 2017 7:49pm PDT

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