In Honor Of National Napping Day — Here Are Corinne Olympios’ Best Nap-Related Moments From The Bachelor!

national napping day

Good news, Corinne Olympios! It’s National Napping Day!

As you surely know, Miz Olympios cemented herself as the kween of naps after she caused controversy on The Bachelor for sleeping during one of the first rose ceremonies. However, the nap talk didn’t stop there as she got into MANY debates with her fellow contestant over her right to sleep.

We mean, according to the blonde businesswoman, she’s in good company. Didn’t you know BOTH Michael Jordan and Abraham Lincoln took naps??? Bless this girl!

So, in honor of this VVV important holiday, we thought we’d pull Corinne’s BEST nap-related moments. Be sure to ch-ch-check them all out (below)!

Corinne Sleeps Through A Rose Ceremony

Corinne Can’t Keep Her Eyes Open During A Group Date

Corinne Would Rather Nap Than Play Volleyball

Corinne Fiercely Defends Her Right To Nap

Corinne Closes Out Her Time On The Bachelor With A Nap

Corinne Fights With The Ladies About Her Napping Antics

Rest easy, babe!

Mar 13, 2017 11:55am PDT

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