Kellyanne Conway Defends Donald Trump’s Proofless Claims Of Being Wiretapped By Obama — And Suggests It Could’ve Been Done Using A Microwave!

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Kellyanne Conway is cooking up more conspiracies about Barack Obama!

Donald Trump‘s counselor bravely faced the media on Monday to discuss the president’s unproven claims his predecessor wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election — and backpedal on some of her own outrageous claims on the matter.

On Monday’s Good Morning America, Conway admitted she doesn’t have “any evidence” to support the controversial allegations, but said she was glad the explosive claims are being investigated by the House Intelligence Committee.

The leaders of the committee have urged the Justice Department to respond by Monday with any evidence supporting the explosive allegations — because, just like Conway, the White House has yet to provide any evidence to support the baseless claims Trump tweeted last month.

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While we’re still without proof that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, Conway proved that desperate times called for desperate conspiracies over the weekend.

In an interview on Sunday with New Jersey’s Bergen County Record, Conway clung to a recent WikiLeaks report that allegedly revealed secrets about the CIA’s tools for using computers, cellphones, and smart TV’s to surveil unwitting victims.

And because Trump is always the victim in his alternative universe, Conway went as far to suggest he could have been monitored with “microwaves that turn into cameras,” adding:

“We know this is a fact of modern life.”

Yup, one president spying on his successor through a microwave — just a part of the crazy, messed up world we live in. Thanks, Obama!

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Conway backed off on these insinuations in her interviews on Monday, saying her comments were more about “surveillance generally” and not meant to be taken as specific proof. So, you know, more of her alternative bullshit.

Conway was even more evasive on NBC‘s Today, saying she could not even comment on the wiretapping claim because “it’s under investigation.”

Trump’s leaky mouth faucet also defended the president’s position on Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs report, which he previously condemned as “phony” under Obama, but now completely supports.

Thankfully, Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie were not having any of Conway’s sneaky verbal gymnastics and pressed her to give some straight answers. Of course, she didn’t — but it was nice to see her squirm as she tried to pivot into how Obamacare is such a disaster.

Stay away from your microwaves, Kellyanne, because we’ve got our eyes on you!

Watch clips from Conway’s interviews (below)!

Mar 13, 2017 10:39am PDT

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