Just Gonna Leave This Glamour Shot Of Kellyanne Conway Right Here…

Kellyanne Conway

Honestly, we don’t know how to handle this information.

Everyone’s been talking about those mysterious camera/microwaves that Kellyanne Conway believes the government is using to spy on citizens, but we’ve got something else that you might have missed during KAC’s at-home interview with The Record on Sunday.

Turns out, not only was Donald Trump‘s mouthpiece featured in a 2009 calendar featuring conservative women (alongside the likes of Miss September Ann Coulter) — but she keeps these framed glamour shots of herself around the house. No, really.

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Alongside the photo of the Queen of Alternative Facts in the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute calendar is the caption:

“If there were a queen of polling, Kellyanne Conway would be it. One of the most quoted pollsters in the nation, Conway is president and CEO of the Polling Company Inc., and is the author of What Women Really Want. Conway is wearing a navy sheared beaver jacket with fox trim and detachable hood from Miller’s Furs.”

Of course, it didn’t take long before Twitter pointed out the glam shot positioned for the spotlight on the side table in Miz Conway’s home:

Wow. It’s almost *too* easy…

[Image via Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute.]

Mar 14, 2017 4:22pm PDT

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