Mischa Barton Lays Down The LAW Over That Sex Tape — See Her Intimidating Statement!

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Damn, girl!

When we first heard a Mischa Barton sex tape was being shopped around to porn distributors, insiders painted a picture of the OC actress as incredibly vulnerable.

But that is NOT the front she and her new lawyer are putting up at all!

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Attorney Lisa Bloom has issued a public statement that not only confirms she is representing Mischa but is clearly intended to make sure the “revenge porn” never sees the light of day!

Read the intimidating ultimatum (below)!

“I am very proud to represent actress Mischa Barton, who is courageously standing up for her rights.

It has been reported that naked or sexually explicit images of Ms. Barton are being ├óΓé¼╦£shopped around.’ Ms. Barton does not consent to any disclosure of any such images. She believes that she was recorded without her consent by someone she was seeing at the time.

There’s a name for this disgusting conduct: revenge pornography. Revenge pornography is a form of sexual assault, and it is also a crime and a civil wrong in California. And we will not stand for it.”

If that wasn’t clear enough, Bloom is coming guns blazing not just for the man trying to sell the tape, but also for any company that takes him up on the offer!

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In no uncertain terms, she threatens:

“I have a message for anyone who attempts to traffic in these photos or videos of Ms. Barton: we will find you, and we will come after you. We will fully prosecute you under every available criminal and civil law. You proceed at your peril.”

Damn! That is some Liam Neeson shit right there!

This legal reminder alone may be enough to scare any company off from distributing the tape. Nice work, Miz Bloom!

Do YOU think Mischa’s sex tape will still leak online?

[Image via Winston Burris/WENN.]

Mar 14, 2017 3:06pm PDT

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