Richard Simmons’ Brother Says He’s ‘Doing Great’ Despite Kidnapping Rumors

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We’ve all heard the rumor of Richard Simmons being held hostage in his own home.

Despite the fact it’s been debunked numerous times — most recently by the LAPD last week — the hit new podcast Missing Richard Simmons is holding it in the public eye like a vindictive housekeeper.

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Now we have another source telling us the fitness guru is doing just fine — his brother.

Lenny Simmons lives in New Orleans but tells ET that he speaks to his baby bro all the time:

“I talked to him on Sunday, he was doing great. He was asking about our renovations to our home. And we had just gone to see the Broadway musical Beautiful. We talk every Sunday. He calls me and we have a great conversation and then he talks to my wife. He probably talks to my wife longer than he talks to me.”

They even visited less than three months back:

“We were out there for Christmas this year — like we are every year — and we had a great time with him. But he did have a cold, so he really wasn’t going out that much that day.”

According to Lenny, it’s no surprise Richard isn’t Sweatin’ To The Oldies anymore. He was surprised his brother was able to keep up that enthusiasm level as long as he did!

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He explains:

“He was on 24/7… People were always calling him and he was always good enough to want to talk to them… My brother certainly deserves his vacation.”

It sounds like Richard really does just want to live his life out of the spotlight.

Lenny is also defending Teresa Reveles, the housekeeper who is supposedly holding Simmons hostage:

“Teresa is a very lovely lady. She has been a good friend of my brother for over 20 some odd years… It stresses me to hear that people think that she is holding him hostage or that she is mean. She isn’t. She is a very nice person.”

Do YOU still think something suspicious is going on? Or is this podcast just bothering someone who wants to get away from the world??

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Mar 14, 2017 6:31pm PDT

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