Donald Trump Writes Off Rachel Maddow’s Report On His Tax Returns As ‘FAKE NEWS’ & Fires Back At Snoop Dogg’s Politically Charged Music Video!

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Keeping up with all the Donald Trump news these days is pretty taxing.

Which is why the President is able to hand select what exactly he responds to on Twitter, mostly to write it off as “FAKE NEWS!”

Unsurprisingly, that’s just what happened after Rachel Maddow said she received a portion of the Big Cheeto’s federal 2005 tax returns from tax analyst David Cay Johnston.

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Johnston told the MSNBC host he found two pages of Trump’s 1040 in his mailbox, showing the billionaire wrote off over $100 million in business losses to get a better tax rate. However, the forms don’t reveal a BIG part of the elusive equation: Trump’s sources of income.

The financial journalist claimed he has no idea who sent him the docs, but hinted they could have come from Trump’s camp themselves — as the forms show how rich he is was in 2005 without saying where his money came from. Convenient, no?

Well, Trump didn’t seem to think so on Twitter. On Wednesday, POTUS responded to Maddow’s report, questioning just how those evil journalists got their hands on his precious tax forms (and obvi threw in a “FAKE NEWS” for good measure):

Of course, Maddow wasn’t the only enemy in Trump’s crosshairs Wednesday morning.

The President also blasted Snoop Dogg‘s politically charged music video, which featured the rapper shooting a toy gun at orange clown-president “Ronald Klump.”

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Never having been a fan of the First Amendment for anyone other than himself, Trump fired back at Snoop’s artistic expression, and whined about how something like that would NEVER happen to Barack Obama. He tweeted:

We don’t know about “jail time.” Actually, Obama probably would never even publicly respond to an obviously satirical music video commentating on his policies.

Also, Obama actually released his tax returns. But if we’re gonna start comparing the two world leaders, we’ll be here for quite a while…

[Image via C-SPAN/MSNBC/Instagram.]

Mar 15, 2017 10:38am PDT

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