This Chinese Plastic Surgery Company Specializes In Turning Women Into Ivanka Trump!

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Do you want to look like Ivanka Trump?

To be able to stand by some of the grossest, most embarrassing words and deeds ever committed by an American politician and still look squeaky clean?

To be considered the hottest woman alive by the leader of the free world?

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Well, you aren’t alone!

Besides the odd gal in Texas, there are apparently tons of women in China getting plastic surgery to look like Donald Trump‘s First Lady daughter — because now there’s an entire company that specializes in the lookalike procedure!

The cosmetic surgery company registered the new name Foshan Yiwanka Medical Management (“Yiwanka” is the Chinese translation of “Ivanka”) to let everyone know what they’re about!

The company’s HR manager Li Yunxing told The Washington Post:

“Young women in China like to change their looks to copy film stars’ eyes, noses and lips. No doubt young women here want Ivanka’s big eyes, her pretty nose and lips, and her flawless figure. Her facial features, disposition and appearance are perfect, no matter whether they are judged by the beauty standards of the East or the West.”

Foshan offers eye surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction, and breast enhancement for women who want the full “Ivanka” look.

We hope there aren’t THAT many Ivanka lookalikes running around the country. It’ll make things very confusing for Jared Kushner‘s family, who will likely be there on business A LOT in the coming years.

Would YOU ever get plastic surgery to look like someone else??

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Mar 15, 2017 4:22am PST

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