Mexican Actor Carlos Bonavides Treated Like Criminal In Houston Airport Before Agents Denied Him Entry Into The Country!

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Earlier, we reported that Mexican comedian Nora Vel├â┬ízquez was deported from the country due to improper visas — but another Mexican actor suffered a much more humiliating fate.

Last week, Carlos Bonavides told press he was humiliated when immigration agents denied him entry into the country and revoked his visa.

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The telenovela star told Univision News he was with actress Maribel Fernandez and another friend traveling to Houston, Texas to give a show at friend’s birthday party when agents began interrogating them. He explained:

“Everyone was taken to a room to be interrogated. The immigration officer told me not to play with her intelligence and I said do not play with my rights because I am not coming to work.”

Bonavides insisted he was traveling as a tourist — and had the corresponding visa for it — but the immigration agent didn’t trust him. Even though he was performing the event for free, officials told the actor he was traveling into the states to work.

From there on, the interrogation just got more humiliating for the 76-year-old. He continued:

“We never managed to convince them, they made us swear on the Bible, we were scoured like criminals, they put our hands against the wall, they took my socks off and finally cancelled our visa.”

Wow. That sounds so unnecessarily degrading.

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The actor admitted he’s never been subjected to such horrible treatment in the decades he’s been traveling to the country, adding:

“I had stayed in the United States many times visiting and working and I have always been well received. Now things have really changed.”

Immigration officials banned Bonavides and Fernandez from entering the country for the next five years, though the actor says he has no intention of returning while Donald Trump remains president — and we don’t blame him!

[Image via Univision/YouTube.]

Mar 15, 2017 5:05pm PDT

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