Sorry, Apple! Taylor Swift Is Reportedly Planning To Launch Her OWN Music Streaming Site!

taylor swift streaming service

Taylor Swift is striking out on her own!

It seems as though the blonde pop star is done feuding with Spotify and other streaming sites, as she’s planning to launch her own online hub for music. You heard us!!!

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According to TMZ, the Blank Space singer filed documents to brand a website which features “non-downloadable multi-media content in the nature of audio recordings.” Apparently, the A-lister is planning on calling her site/streaming service, Swifties. Huh, we’re no sure we’re about the name, but we can’t blame a girl for wanting to take control of how her music is distributed.

However, Swifties may become more than just a streaming site as the docs claim TayTay is also looking to sell various music-related products — including guitars, guitar picks, guitar straps, drumsticks, etc. Not to mention, Swifties intends to set up retreats, educational camps, and different self-guided online courses. Way to put a music education spin on this business venture!

Nonetheless, we have a feeling Apple Music is gonna be pissed about this. The tech company and the 27-year-old have *recently* had a successful working relationship as the former country star released the filmed version of her iconic 1989 tour through Apple. Oh, and how could we forget that treadmill ad she starred in for the service.

And what if Taylor chooses to release her upcoming album only on Swifties?? We think Apple will literally have a meltdown.

Still, T.Swizzle has always had some disdain for streaming services. In case you forgot, back in 2014, the songstress feuded with Spotify over royalties and completely yanked her catalog from the site. This infamously sent Spotify and their peers into crisis mode, since they feared other musicians would follow suit. Merp.

P.S. Tay, girl, the site name isn’t great. Please see our suggestions (below)!

5. SwiftStream
4. SwiftieSentral
3. The Taylor Swift Project
2. Swift Social Club
1. SwiftSquad

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Mar 15, 2017 9:26am PDT

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