This AH-Mazing Woman Turned Her Vitiligo Into Art!

Ash Soto turns her vitiligo into art.

Say hello to your new body-confidence inspiration!

Ash Soto was diagnosed with vitiligo at 12 years old, and endured endless bullying because of her “spotty” skin condition.

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She recalls being taunted and being called names for how she looked, when she had no control over it:

“I’ve been called cow, I even was once told I had Michael Jackson syndrome. How can an innocent girl trying to find herself take that? When life gives you lemons what do you do? Make the best of it. No, I wasn’t born with it, I grew into it which was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through. But now I look back and I’m happy that I went through it because I wouldn’t be as strong as I am today.”

Now the 21-year-old has embraced herself and even gone a step further to turn her condition into a work of art!

Ash not only shares revealing selfies to show off her uniqueness, but also ingeniously traces around the patches to turn them into body paintings!

In the process, she’s proved that our differences are what make us special AND she’s raised awareness for vitiligo. This will hopefully in turn help other little girls with the same condition feel better about themselves.

Not only that, but she pairs her photos with empowering messages as well, writing:

“I’ll always keep reminding you that you are beautiful I’ll keep telling you every chance I get because I remember always needing that person to push me and to encourage me to keep fighting for self love and I want to be that person for all of you. I don’t post just to post, I want you angels to benefit from the content I put out, to learn something. To realize that you are a canvas that’s ready to be painted beautifully. Don’t ever give up.”

In short, she’s pretty fucking awesome!

Ch-ch-check her out (below)!

Rock on, girl!

[Image via Ash Soto/Instagram.]

Mar 16, 2017 1:02am PDT

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