YouTube Drama! An Adult Cam Girl With EXPLICIT DMs, A Distraught Wife, & A Couple Reunited — Get Caught Up On ShayCarl’s Cheating Scandal HERE!

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This story is unbelievable — especially from the ORIGINAL vlogging YouTube family!

But it is A LOT. So just to catch you up on all the drama…

Back in February, VERY married web star Shay Carl Butler (AKA ShayCarl of Shaytards fame) was caught cheating on his wife Colette (with whom he has five children!) with adult cam girl Aria Nina.

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The drama began when Nina went public with the affair on social media, tweeting (and subsequently deleting) direct messages from Shay. She even said she has very compromising videos of Butler stroking himself!

Aria may have deleted, but fans were quick to screenshot. See a sampling of the gloriously explicit NSFW alleged DMs (below):

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While appearing on YouTuber Keemstar‘s show Drama Alert after the messages were exposed, Miz Nina said the back-and-forth started with Shay thanking her for her support before quickly devolving to more sexual messages. She explained: ├óΓé¼ΓÇ╣

“He went on to then get really sexual and then he became really rude.”

Rude how?

The video vixen said things got really bad when she shared innocent thoughts on the social media star’s son:

“I said, ├óΓé¼╦£Oh, your son Daxton is so cute. Like, I want your baby. Can I have him? He’s adorable.’ He’s like, ├óΓé¼╦£You’re disgusting. Don’t ever talk about my family.’ He was just completely rude. I felt like all he did was express his sexual feelings to me and I was just some dump of sex emotions.”

Gross! Here’s that whole interview:

Now Shay has since VERIFIED the messages — but claims Nina bated him with sexual messages first. YEAHSUREOKAY.

Aria said she was not into exposing for any kind of monetary gain, just the sheer justice of ripping the curtains off a secret scumbag. Here, here!!

Meanwhile, just after the scandal broke Shay said he would be taking a break from the public eye to deal with… nope, not this scandal — alcohol addiction. He wrote:

“I have struggled with alcoholism for years. I thought I was able to escape addiction & it’s associated demons, but that disease has manifested itself back into my life (due to my decisions) because it is a life long disease.

I am not making excuses. I have a problem. This problem has hurt the ones I love most because I delayed the decision to get help. My wife, friends and family are by my side. My purpose is to rehab. It’s my only priority. I will not be on the internet.”

If this is true, we hope he gets all the help he needs. But tbh, there’s a lot of speculation this is just a cover for the sex scandal. If so, ick.

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Colette Butler, AKA Katilette, Shay’s wife of 14 years, known for starring on The Mom’s View channel has not appeared in the few most recent videos. Instead, Shay’s sister Carlie Wood and sister-in-law Kayli Butler addressed her absence last week.

Sharing with the audience, the girls collectively said:

“We are missing Colette. She’s going through some things right now and doesn’t feel comfortable being here. Hopefully she will be back soon…

At the end of the day family is No. 1 to us no matter what and we support whatever decision that she makes. We’re just here to support her and love her and even though she can’t be here she sends her love. When she’s ready, she’ll be back.”

Now this would seem fitting, considering how her marriage was just torn open, wounds salted and all…

Fast-forward to last weekend when the troubled couple were spotted together in fellow YouTuber Charles Trippy‘s wedding video!

It’s a whole thing, but at about the 41:30 mark, you can see the couple dancing together!

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So are the couple working through their problems? It certainly looks that way.

We’re surprised she’s ready to forgive, but they have been married for 14 years and have five kids.

In any case, it’s clear the work they need to do is going to keep them out of the spotlight for a bit.

Are you still fans of ShayCarl and Katilette, Perezcious readers? What do YOU think of all this craziness??

[Image via YouTube.]

Mar 16, 2017 7:14pm PST

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