Donald Trump’s Most Awkward Press Conference Yet — The Internet Can’t Help But Feel Bad For Angela Merkel!

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Donald Trump had his most awful, most awkward press conference Friday morning, this time with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Holy shit, where to begin with this one??

Let’s start with the first thing most people will notice the President lacks: common courtesy.

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Either the international embarrassment of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau not allowing the POTUS to jerk his arm out of socket has put Trump off of handshakes, or he just hates Merkel that much.

Watch (below) as the press request a handshake pic with the German Chancellor, and Trump flat-out rejects her!

We’re sure he’s going to claim germaphobia or some other bullshit later on, but we know what’s happening. Power play. Classic alpha male asshole behavior.

We wish that were the end of it. We really do.

Because while it was gross to see a man behaving so badly to a lady, at the next phase of the conference we had to be reminded it was the leader of the free world being rude to an ally.

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First Trump fielded nothing but softball questions from handpicked media outfits — he’s through answering real questions from the press — but then he has to call on a German reporter, who asks him how he justifies his dangerous isolationist policies and his clearly false wiretapping claims.

Of course he doesn’t know how to react, starting with a sarcastic “Nice, friendly reporter.” Then he actually misspeaks at one point, saying:

“We’re a very powerful company.”

…before calling her assessment “fake news” of course. Watch Merkel’s face when he says it!

He then addresses the wiretapping claims by implying that Merkel was ALSO wiretapped by Barack Obama! He says:

“As far as wiretapping, I guess, by, you know, this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps.”

Merkel’s DAFUQ? face says it all:

We feel so bad for Angela Merkel! And we aren’t alone…

See all the best responses to Trump and his awfulness (below)!

Sorry, Angela!

Mar 17, 2017 4:09pm PDT

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