This Will Change The Way You Watch Netflix FOREVER!

Netflix is changing its user rating system!

Bye bye, stars! Hello, thumbs!

Netflix has just announced it’s getting rid of its five-star rating system and replacing it with a simpler thumbs up or thumbs down version.

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Isn’t that fascinating??? We know you were dying for an overhaul.

No, but seriously this news was so important a press briefing was organized, with VP of Product Todd Yellin explaining that they had been testing the new system and it resulted in a 200% increase in user feedback. Basically, people are way more into the thumbs than the stars.

Who knew!

There’s also a new “percent-match” feature that matches titles to users based on how well they like something. For example, if a show or movie fits very closely to your taste, it would get something like a 98% match. Anything that got less than 50% would not be given consideration.

All of the changes are made in the hopes of making the Netflix user experience easier and more accurate as well.

Still, may we suggest having a sideways thumb for things that are just meh?

Mar 17, 2017 1:43pm PDT

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