Twitter Is SHOOK By This Monster-Sized Chicken — But Is It Really Just A Misunderstood Beast?

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Welcome to your clucking nightmare.

Twitter flew over the cuckoo’s nest on Monday when a startling video went viral featuring… a giant chicken!

The clip showed the gargantuan farmhouse bird stepping out of its coop, and the Internet didn’t quite know how to react.

A great deal of people described the animal as “nightmarish” — others were in disbelief, thinking they were laying eyes on a ghoulish Big Bird knockoff — and a few disturbed responders even wanted one as a pet.

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As it turns out, the huge hen was NOT the product of some fast food experiment gone awry, but is a legitimate species! Huh, the more you know…

The “Brahma” chicken breed developed in the United States from cross-breeding of very large birds imported from China back in the 1850s.

Brahmas were used as the principal meat breed in the states until about 1930, but their descendants have clearly survived (and are currently plotting for world domination, we assume).

See the vid and some of the best reactions to the BIG chicken (below)!

Even though it looks intimidating, the gentle chicken only weighs an average of about 18 pounds.

Though most of Twitter agreed the feathery beast was scary af:

Of course, some of the more woke users on Twitter suspected this was all just fowl play:

The web is shook, y’all.

What do U think of Big Chicken?

[Image via Twitter.]

Mar 20, 2017 7:54pm PDT

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