Donald Trump Plummets Over 200 Spots On Forbes‘ Billionaires List!

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It’s all going downhill for Donald Trump.

The president’s fortune has dropped by approximately $1 billion since last year (roughly the price of one election), which caused him to sink DEEP in Forbes‘ latest ranking of the world’s billionaires!

Last year, the real estate mogul landed at the No. 324 spot, but now comes in as the world’s 544th richest person.

While Trump’s actual net worth is unknown due to his notorious refusal to reveal his tax returns, but has claimed it’s “in excess” of $10 billion.

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The decline in the Big Cheeto’s net worth is due, according to Forbes, to a drop in the value of office space in Midtown Manhattan — and we’re sure letting his sons Harry and Lloyd Donald Jr. and Eric run the “show” at Trump Tower isn’t helping.

The rest of the list is pretty typical: Bill Gates once again tops the financial titans with a fortune of $86 billion. Warren Buffett comes in a No. 2 with $75.6 billion.

Amazon‘s Jeff Bezos placed third with $72.8 billion, followed by Spanish clothing retailer Amancio Ortega and Facebook mastermind Mark Zuckerberg.

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While finances may be looking worse for Trump, the broad scope is looking better for women. The total number of women on the list is 227 — up from 202 in 2016.

Though we’re sure Trump is already working on policies that conflict with the country’s interests to get his business back on track. Right after he figures out how America will pay for that border wall.

Mar 20, 2017 4:07pm PDT

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