RHONJ‘s Kim DePaola Defends Herself, Her Son, & ‘The Mob’ As The Double Murder Investigation Involving Her Audi Continues

kim d spills murder investigation

This is like an episode of The Sopranos come to life!

As we previously reported, Real Housewives Of New Jersey star Kim DePaola‘s car is currently at the center of a double murder investigation after two deceased bodies were found in the now-burned Audi.

Scary stuff.

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However, Miz DePaola is now clearing up how her vehicle got mixed up in this mess. During a candid chat with RadarOnline, the Bravolebrity explained:

“People are saying my car was tied to the murders, my car was not tied to anyone. Aaron Anderson, a friend of my son, was supposed to drop my son off at the airport, park the car and not use it. But he used the car and then this horrific accident happened.”

In fact, Kim jumps on the defensive, saying she was at home, and her son was in the state of California when the crime went down. Well, this would explain why the RHONJ vet is vehement that she had nothing to do with this incident. She added:

“The cops never thought I had anything to do with it. This would’ve happened in my car or not.”

Huh. And while we think this sounds a lot like some HBO mob drama, DePaola has a different theory:

“The mob doesn’t do this. It would be gang related. Maybe they pissed someone off and they’re making a statement. I hope they find these savages.”

Intense stuff. It’s said the police responded to the car fire around 2 a.m. on Friday. Reportedly, when they arrived they discovered the Audi registered to DePaola (but belonging to her son Chris Camiscioli) up in flames. The unnamed victims are said to have been shot “execution-style” in the head, before being placed in the now burned car.

To make matters worse, Anderson’s mother Michelle has yet hear from her son. She told NBC News:

“I’ve been calling him and it’s going to voicemail. I would have heard from him.”

The authorities are currently looking into dental records to help identify the victims. Hopefully, the cops turn up some leads sooner than later.

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Mar 20, 2017 2:43pm PDT

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