Tomi Lahren SUSPENDED From Her Job After Revealing She’s Pro-Choice!

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UPDATE 8:22 P.M. EST: Tomi has confirmed the news with a playful tweet:

Now she knows why women march!

Tomi Lahren may be one of the strongest advocates for modern conservatism, but it sounds like she’s just now learning how those folks feel about women and their opinions.

During a roundtable discussion on Friday’s The View, the 24-year-old called out the inherent hypocrisy in wanting fewer regulations and smaller government — except when it comes to a woman’s right to choose.

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Outing herself as pro-choice obviously got her into a lot of hot water with the conservative movement, which has been married to the religious right for so long, most people don’t even remember when they had nothing to do with one another!

We respect Tomi’s courage in calling out this point of contention between the two ideologies — but it may cost the host her job at The Blaze!

Though he voiced his disagreement with her position, Glenn Beck seemed earlier like he wasn’t going to fire his biggest star over the difference of opinion.

He even said on Monday:

“…if you’re pro-choice, you can have a job at The Blaze.”

Buuuuuut maybe that was premature. Because The Daily Caller is now reporting their sources say Lahren has already been suspended!

According to their insiders, the host is in the middle of a suspension starting Monday and lasting at least a week.

Tomi was already reportedly at odds with her coworkers — that belligerent act isn’t just on TV — when as far as they were concerned she called them all hypocrites on national television; multiple reporters from The Blaze have already tweeted their disgust with Tomi’s comments.

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Lahren’s contract was up in September, but don’t expect her to last even that long before finding somewhere that can handle her views. BTW, we couldn’t help but notice The View doesn’t have a strong conservative voice at the moment…

For now, Tomi is keeping her head up, tweeting on Monday afternoon:

What do YOU think about the reaction to her comments??

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Mar 20, 2017 7:19pm PDT

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