YouTube’s New ‘Restricted Mode’ Is Targeting LGBTQ Videos! Find Out Why!

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With so many videos on the web these days, parents will be relieved to know YouTube is working on ways to filter out offensive content for younger, more impressionable viewers.

But some vloggers are noticing videos by the LGBT community have been put in the streaming site’s censorship crosshairs.

YouTube’s “Restricted Mode” is designed to “use community flagging” and other restrictions to “identify and filter out potentially inappropriate content.”

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And apparently, this “inappropriate content” includes informational vids from popular LGBTQ+ creators!

Tyler Oakley recently learned one of his newest videos, “8 Black LGBTQ+ Trailblazers Who Inspire Me,” was blocked under Restricted Mode.

He explained on Twitter:

The popular vlogger said this new community-based censorship could have negative effects on the LGBT community, and goes against what the streaming site has always represented. He told Teen Vogue:

“YouTube has always been a place for disenfranchised voices to reach audiences who are actively seeking representation in media. It’s often the first place many LGBTQ+ youth around the world see themselves and their stories shared and celebrated. Blocking LGBTQ+ creators and content is harmful, plain and simple.”

Other YouTubers agree — and are frustrated that the current censorship process allows public bias to decide what content is “offensive.”

Vlogger Seaine Love took to Twitter to vent about her videos about being transgender were all blocked under Restricted Mode, writing:

Clearly, this new feature is taking the streaming site in the opposite direction.

YouTube has always been a sanctuary of self-expression, and censoring those voices at the request of biased users can be detrimental for those young viewers who need that outlet.

[Image via YouTube.]

Mar 20, 2017 10:18am PDT

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