Gwyneth Paltrow Will NEVER Eat This Animal Because It’s ‘Too Smart’ To Be Food!

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This might be hard to swallow.

Gwyneth Paltrow has always been one to recommend her annoyingly restrictive diet to others — but there’s one food she won’t eat, even on a cheat day!

On Sunday, the Goop founder revealed that she will NEVER be caught eating octopus because she considers the creature “too smart to be food.”

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The topic apparently came up when the 44-year-old and her staff were swapping restaurant recommendations in their L.A. office Slack group.

One Goop staffer suggested ordering the BBQ octopus from Cliff’s Edge in Silver Lake, causing Paltrow to go off on an Instagram tirade about the majestic cephalopod.

The Mortdecai actress admitted she couldn’t stomach eating octopus after learning about their astounding cognitive activity, writing:

“They have more neurons in their brains than we do. I had to stop eating them because I was so freaked out by it. They can escape from sea world and shit by unscrewing drains and going out to sea. #tangent.”

Sure, it’s well documented that octopi are incredibly intelligent animals (at least according to Finding Dory), but the actress’ claim isn’t totally accurate.

The eight-armed mollusks actually have about 500 million neurons — mostly in their arms — while humans have about 100 billion. Though her claim about them escaping from aquariums is completely true!

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Goop commentators were shocked over their overlord’s statement, with one gooper even questioning if she needed to “stop eating calamari” as well.

Thankfully, squid isn’t smart enough for Paltrow to give it a pass — she responded:

“No. Squid is the dumb cousin, apparently.”

Can we get that in ink, please? Read her remarks (below)!

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Will Paltrow’s comments keep you from eating octopus? Is anyone actually mad they shouldn’t be eating octopus in the first place?

[Image via FayesVision/WENN/Instagram.]

Mar 21, 2017 10:18am PDT

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