Kim Kardashian Is Still Coping With The Aftermath Of Her Traumatic Robbery: ‘It’s A Daily Struggle To Move Past It’

kim kardashian robbery aftermath

No one expects Kim Kardashian West to just “get over” being robbed at gun point — especially after hearing her account of what went down that fateful October night.

So it’s not surprising to learn that the KUWTK star is still haunted by the memories of being bound, gagged, and robbed of her belongings during Paris Fashion Week. As you surely know, Keeks truly thought she was going to die when jewel thieves forced their way into her residence at the No Address Hotel in Paris on October 3. After tying Mrs. West up and gagging her, the culprits made off with millions of dollars worth of her jewelry.

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Unsurprisingly, following the robbery Kim took a step back from the limelight for about three months. And while the E! celeb is back to posting on social media and booking public appearances, it sounds like she’s still coping with some PTSD.

On how Kim is doing six months after the harrowing experience, one source close to the A-lister told People:

“Kim has come a long way from the robbery but that said, it’s a daily struggle to move past it and she probably never will be past it entirely.”

We bet. We don’t even know how someone moves on from that kind of trauma.

A second insider added:

“Kim still speaks of the robbery as the most horrific experience she has ever had… [she] is still vulnerable and cries about the robbery.”

Poor thing. To make matters worse, her rock and husband Kanye West had a complete breakdown only a month after her whole ordeal. In regards to how she handled Yeezus’ mental health crisis, the first confidant relayed:

“While she would never wish the experience on anyone, it put things into better perspective for her ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ what really matters and that family comes first. To have the Kanye situation happen right after was just the worst timing. She wasn’t emotionally equipped to handle that at the time and it strained their relationship and put a ton of stress and anxiety back into her life. They’ve worked through a lot of that and have gotten even closer. It was hard to relive it for the show but in a way it ended up being cathartic and helped her work through and process it even more.”

Well that’s good to hear. And although the TV personality was put through a hellish experience, Kim apparently feels it has helped her change for the better. The second tipster concluded:

“She very much likes her new normal. She knows that if the robbery never happened, these changes wouldn’t have happened either. She is taking the horrific experience and focusing on the good aftermath. Before the robbery, Kim was often stressed out about her family/work balance. She many times felt that work overtook and she often missed her kids. This all changed after the robbery. Now, Kim very much enjoys being a mom first. Work comes second. She loves being at home with her kids and is much happier.”

Awwwww. We’re honestly just glad to hear that something good came out of this awful situation.

Stay strong, Kim!

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Mar 21, 2017 8:13am PDT

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