Netflix’s Death Note Trailer Gets Murdered With Whitewashing Backlash From Fans! Watch & See The Reactions!

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This movie might just be the kiss of death for Netflix.

The streaming platform dropped the trailer for its new horror film Death Note, and it’s already offending people at first glance.

That’s because the story is a beloved supernatural manga and anime series centering around a troubled Japanese teen, and the Netflix version features — you guessed it — a predominantly white cast!

In the trailer, we get a look at a bleach blonde Nat Wolff as genius *Seattle* teen Light Turner, who discovers an evil notebook that gives him the power of life and death.

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Things quickly get out of hand as the pages turn, with Light launching into a crusade against the criminals of the world, all while avoiding getting caught by genius detective L (LaKeith Stanfield).

Despite the trailer looking creepy af, the supernatural drama is already getting haunted by fans who are pissed the new version completely shits on the original canon.

Opponents took to Twitter to express their frustration over Hollywood’s “Americanized” adaptations of Japanese manga never starring a Japanese-American lead. We mean, is it too much to ask for equal representation in the portrayal of mass murderers?

Ch-ch-check out the trailer and see how the Twitics responded (below)!

Not every Twitic was prepared to throw the whitewashing card.

Some users defended the “Americanized” cast, noting there had already been multiple versions starring Japanese actors:

What do YOU think of Netflix’s Death Note?

[Image via Madman Entertainment/Netflix.]

Mar 22, 2017 2:08pm PDT

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