Paul Ryan Explains Why The Healthcare Bill Had To Be Pulled Ahead Of House Vote!

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Paul Ryan came up short, you guys.

On Friday, Donald Trump called for a House vote on the health bill, hoping there would be enough Republican support behind the half-baked replacement for Obamacare.

But things didn’t go as planned during the floor debate, when House Speaker Ryan realized he didn’t have enough congressional backers for his baby, the American Health Care Act.

Instead of crash and burn, Ryan told POTUS to pull the healthcare bill — and while he may have lost the battle, the Speaker made it clear he will not lose the war.

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After the dramatic pull out, Ryan spoke to press about the major failure and almost made us feel sorry for him with those sad doe eyes.

Ryan explained the House didn’t have the “consensus” they needed to move the legislation forward and write the bill — which would have been a “favor” to the architects of the Affordable Care Act.

He clarified that the difference in opinion was not IF Obamacare should be replaced, but on HOW they should go about writing the legislation.

So, while Obamacare isn’t out of his crosshairs just yet, it’s clear the American Health Care Act isn’t the way to go either. (You know something’s bad when Trump doesn’t even want to put his name on it!)

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Ryan also spoke on the last minute meeting Republican reps held just minutes before the vote, revealing the President told them it was time to move on from this tired debate so they can focus their energy elsewhere. (He’s just too excited to start building that wall!)

While Republicans will turn their efforts to work on “tax reform,” Ryan says the war against Obamacare is not over — and claimed the entire system will soon self-implode!

Cool, that’s for leaving us with that. Now, have fun making your rich buddies richer.

[Image via CNN.]

Mar 24, 2017 5:06pm PDT

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