Cops Deal With A *Saucy* Situation At A Cleveland-Based Taco Bell — Deets HERE!

taco bell drama over mild sauce

Talk about a saucy situation!

On Wednesday, it was revealed that police were called to a Cleveland-based Taco Bell after an angry customer held-up the drive thru line because they didn’t have her sauce of choice on hand. STOPPPP IT!

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Apparently, the Taco Bell employees became concerned when a woman refused to leave the drive thru after she was told the mild sauce wasn’t available and wouldn’t be given half off her meal for the “inconvenience.” What’s half off of a Taco Bell meal, free????

When the police arrived the irate customer explained her situation, but found little sympathy from the cops. It’s said the police told the lady that her problem “was not likely going to be resolved at the drive-thru window,” and suggested she “return the next day to speak to a manager.” You know, like what a sane person would do!

Reportedly, this crazzzy incident took place back on March 12. The woman left the restaurant, and it’s currently unknown whether or not she returned the next day. For the employees’ sake, we hope she didn’t pop back up!

After writing this post, we gotta ask

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[Image via Taco Bell/Instagram.]

Mar 24, 2017 1:03am PDT

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