Polish Vlogger Stages A FAKE Ellen Interview To Prank His Social Media Followers — Would YOU Fall For This?!

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Polish vlogger Lukasz Jakobiak always dreamed of appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

And in March, the social media prankster made his dreams come to fruition with the power of visualization — by creating a fake version of the talk show, complete with his very own Ellen lookalike to interview him!

Earlier this month, Jakobiak told his social media followers that his dreams of meeting the daytime queen were finally going to be met, teasing photos of himself with “Ellen” smiling “on set” of her hit show.

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Little did they know, the YouTuber actually went to the lengths of creating a replica set, hiring a crew, and even enlisting in a DeGeneres doppelgänger to turn the interview of his dreams into a staged reality.

In the “interview,” Jakobiak enters to a cheering audience and chats with imposter Ellen about himself. At one point, the faux-host even performs one of DeGeneres’ famous scare bits by having a crew member scare the motivational speaker right out of his seat!

After some more laughs, the interview ends with the pair dancing to the sound of a cheering audience. The whole thing was quite endearing, seeing how emotional Jakobiak got during the fake sitdown.

But if we know anything about Ellen, we have a feeling she’ll catch wind of this prank and invite the vlogger on her show for the real deal. Fingers crossed, Lukasz!

Ch-ch-check out the clip (below) to see the fake interview!

Real or not, it’s obvious this blogger enjoyed his chat with the comedienne:

[Image via Instagram.]

Mar 27, 2017 6:05pm PDT

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