Kendall Jenner Wants To Steal THESE Things From Kylie Jenner!

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Gee, can’t Kendall Jenner buy her own crap??

Recently, the supermodel wrote a blog entry on her website where she reveals the four things she wants to steal from Kylie Jenner!

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Considering the fact that the famous pouter re-posted the article on her app, she seems pretty cool with it!

Not surprisingly, Kenny loves Ky’s cute dogs! She wrote:

“Obviously, the first thing I would go for with Ky is ALL the puppies!”

The 21-year-old catwalker also has eyes on her sister’s artwork!

“Kylie also has a bunch of photos of the family blown up that I’d love to steal for my new house.”

Finally, the tall diva is ENVIOUS of the 19-year-old’s beauty prowess, and her casual wear.

“Lastly, it’s a tie between her beauty skills and endless supply of hoodies and tracksuits.”

Sisters will be sisters!

[Image via WENN.]

Mar 27, 2017 10:46pm PST

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