Donald Trump Doesn’t Like His Tiny Desk! And Twitter Can’t Help But Laugh About It!

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Look, when Donald Trump signs SO MUCH legislation selling out our environment, healthcare, and culture to big business, we have to find our kicks where we can.

On Monday, the POTUS sat down to sign a few laws (getting rid of Barack Obama regulations enforcing workplace safety and labor laws and establishing federal education standards), but as usual he seemed less like he knew what he was doing and more like a bumbling puppet just commenting with his infamous lack of filter.

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This time, he commented on the size of the desk, probably because it didn’t overcompensate like most everything the petty hotelier owns.

Watch everyone in the room force a laugh as the emperor jokes about sitting down at his “child’s desk” (below)!

Hey, if he’s going to draw attention to it, it’s not like Twitter can UNSEE it!

And here’s how the Internet reacted:

In case you were wondering, bills are usually signed at the much larger Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, but the entourage won’t fit in there. So in these cases, they use the smaller portable desk.

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[Image via Jayson Elliot/Twitter.]

Mar 28, 2017 3:33pm PDT

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