This Former British MP Apologizes For Voting Against Same-Sex Marriage!

A British MP apologizes for voting against same-sex marriage.

We love a good heartfelt apology!

This one is from a former British MP (member of Parliament) named Sir John Randall who has issued an apology for voting against same-sex marriage back in 2013.

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At the time, Randall told his children that he was voting against same-sex marriage because heterosexual couples could not enter into civil partnerships, and that since he was a teller (a person who counts the votes but whose own vote is usually not counted), then his vote wouldn’t really affect anything.

The apology comes after Buzzfeed News emailed every MP who voted against same-sex marriage to ask them if they had changed their minds in the years since.

Randall was the only one to issue a well thought-out and obviously genuine letter expressing his regrets.

Read his full message (below):

“There are not many things that I regret about my time as an MP but almost as soon as I voted against same sex marriage I knew I had made a mistake. Of course I recognised that it was going to go pass anyway so my vote was not crucial and I was wavering. I excused myself with my children with the excuse that I would have voted for it had civil partnerships been allowed for heterosexuaI couples and I still think that should be actively considered but in the end as a Government Whip I was a teller and therefore technically didn’t vote one way or the other. That was not courageous. I think I was just not ready for this step, conflicted between many of my age group and those of the younger generation whose views I wanted to understand. Ultimately I think I knew that I was going to be on the wrong side as those who wanted to me to vote for were some of the nicest people I came across, something that couldn’t be said about those opposing. With hindsight I wish I had spoken to a very good friend and colleague before the vote. He might easily have been expected to oppose the move to same sex marriage but he said to me that it was something that wouldn’t affect him at all but would give great happiness to many people. That is an argument that I find it difficult to find fault with. So three years on I can honestly say, I was wrong and I am sorry not to have been able to see it at the time.”


We wish more people were willing to admit to their mistakes like this!

Two other MPs, Sir Simon Burns and Andrew Griffiths, also said they had changed their minds.

Unfortunately, however, there were still many who held steadfastly to their beliefs that gay marriage should not be allowed, including David Davies, Stephen Timms, Sammy Wilson, and Sir Roger Gale.


Still, it’s good to see some people like John Randall eventually understand the errors of their ways.

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Mar 28, 2017 2:51pm PDT

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