North Carolina Will Repeal The ‘Bathroom Bill’

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Money talks…

After estimates came out that the state of North Carolina would be losing out on an insane $3.76 billion from the loss of business because of their LGBT-unfriendly law, it looks like HB2 may finally be history!

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In a press conference on Tuesday evening — just hours after the NCAA gave the state an ultimatum about sporting events through 2022 — Senate Leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore revealed the General Assembly had agreed to a repeal of House Bill 2, aka the “Bathroom Bill!”

The Republicans said new Governor Roy Cooper offered up a proposal that will make the following changes:

– repeal HB2

  • – leave regulation of multi-occupancy bathroom and shower facilities to the state
  • – allow local governments to pass employment and accommodation non-discrimination ordinances that are in line with federal non-discrimination law
  • – allow plaintiffs to collect court costs and attorney fees if they successfully sue governments for taking actions which violate their rights of conscience to exercise religious freedom.

Sounds good to us!

And frankly, we don’t care if the change is coming for selfish, financial reasons… at first. We know hearts and minds WILL come around eventually.

But we’d prefer if no one was being discriminated against in the meantime!

Mar 28, 2017 7:45pm PDT

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