Scarlett Johansson Has TWO Celebrity Crushes — And They’re Not Who You Would Think!

Scarlett Johansson reveals her type!

Amid her dramatic divorce proceedings, it sounds like Scarlett Johansson is slowly getting used to the idea of dating again!

In case you didn’t know, the actress filed for divorce from her husband of two years Romain Dauriac earlier this month. Currently, the two are trying to figure out custody of their daughter, Rose.

So when the 32-year-old sat down with Howard Stern on Monday, she was ready for any and all questions about her private life.

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Talking about actually starting to date following her split, ScarJo confessed:

“I’m on guard because I have a young daughter. That’s something I’m more concerned about.”

And when Howard tried to play matchmaker with some of his single comedian friends, she responded:

“A lot of comedians I know have a dark side though. I don’t need any darkness. I think I’ve got a lot on my plate right now, but I’ll let you know.”

She had that pass ready to go!

Of course, the Sirius XM host wasn’t done grilling the starlet, also asking who she thinks is “the hottest guy right now in the world,” even mentioning Brad Pitt‘s name:

“Don’t put me under the gun like that. Honestly I’m like somebody who likes Gordon Ramsay.”

The working momma also added she has a crush on Anthony Bourdain:

“There’s a running theme.”

Innerestingly enough, the blonde bombshell starred alongside Jon Favreau in Chef where she played a hostess who also seems to have a thing for the head chef.

Who wouldn’t be attracted to someone who can cook??

Anyway, it sounds like the New York native is focusing on herself and her daughter amid her divorce, and even mentioned her own “journey of self-discovery.” The actress told ET at a Ghost in the Shell junket:

“Major is curious about herself, to discover not just her own identity, but to discover what it means to be human for her. I’ve been also on that journey of self-discovery, you know, to continue to be curious about myself, and therefore, enrich the relationship with myself and then subsequently my other relationships with friends and family and so forth. It’s all part of the forward momentum.”

Fair enough!!

You can listen to more of Stern’s interview (below)!

[Image via Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/WENN.]

Mar 28, 2017 10:23am PDT

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