Al Gore Vows To Save The Planet From Donald Trump In The Trailer For An Inconvenient Sequel!

A new wave of blissful ignorance has washed over our nation now that Donald Trump is in office and more determined than ever to write off global warming as science fiction.

Thankfully, mother nature’s defender Al Gore is back to remind us that global warming is realer than ever, and he has another inconvenient documentary to prove it!

The follow up to the former Vice President’s Oscar-winning doc An Inconvenient Truth just dropped its first trailer — and it’s full of raging floods, crumbling glaciers, and unnerved EPA members.

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The trailer for An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power starts with Trump joking at a rally about how chilly it is, saying “we need some global warming” — you know, like the kind of dumbass leader you’d see in the world’s worst natural disaster movie.

We also see Gore speaking to an audience about “the most criticized scene” in the 2006 movie, which predicted the 9/11 memorial site would be flooded by a combination of sea-level rise and storm surge — before we see footage of Hurricane Sandy doing exactly that in 2012.

One thing’s clear from this — with a White House run by horde of anti-environment dinosaurs, the stakes have never been higher to overcome the perils of climate change. Check out the trailer (above)!

Mar 29, 2017 5:21pm PDT

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