NFL Hall Of Famer Michael Irvin Accused Of Sexual Assault — Read The Shocking Allegations

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Michael Irvin is being investigated after a 27-year-old woman accused the Pro Football Hall of Famer of sexually assaulting her in a hotel room.

According to a TMZ report, the Florida woman filed a police report saying she and the NFL Network analyst were out at a bar in the early hours of March 21 when they went back to Irvin’s room at the W Hotel.

It was in his room when the woman began to feel sick, and the last thing she remembered was fighting him off.

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When she woke up, the former athlete was allegedly about to check out and leave her behind, so she took an Uber home and around 7:30 a.m., she called 911.

The report states that the woman went to a medical lab for a swab and blood test, out of fear that she’d been raped. The woman says she also texted Irvin asking if they had sex — to which he responded he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her.

However, the 51-year-old NFL analyst tells a much different story, claiming he was out at a bar with a group of people, including his accuser, until around 4:30 a.m. that night.

The woman did follow him back to his hotel room, but Irvin alleges he was only in the room for 15 minutes and had no sexual contact with the woman, as he had an early flight the next day.

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He also claims another male was present in the hotel room, and that the woman — a cosmetologist — texted him the next day, saying:

“Come for a facial when you get back to Ft. Lauderdale.”

The NFL analyst’s lawyer Larry Friedman also shut down the accusations as “completely false,” telling TMZ:

“Michael was in Ft. Lauderdale visiting his nieces and nephews at a track meet. He was also visiting his 90-year-old aunt and attending her birthday party. He was blindsided by news of these allegations. The allegations are completely false. In the few hours since we’ve learned about them we’ve already discovered many red flags about this young woman’s background and the allegations she made against Michael. Even the complaint that she made specifically says she does not recall the events that took place. She was very drunk that night. Nothing happened and there was no assault.”

We hope he’s right.

Police are currently investigating the allegations.

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Mar 29, 2017 11:12am PDT

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