Val Kilmer Says There’s Nothing ‘Creepy’ About His Creepy Cate Blanchett Tweets!

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Everyone has an undying love for a certain celebrity… and Val Kilmer wants you to know there’s nothing wrong with that!

He also wanted to make clear that there’s nothing creepy about an actor publicly declaring their love for another (married) actor whom they worked with over a decade ago!

Over the weekend, the Batman Forever star weirded out his followers by posting a string of bizarre tweets about how much he loved Cate Blanchett.

The 57-year-old revealed he once flew from the U.S. to Australia just to visit the beloved actress — only to be met by her husband Andrew Upton — and recently had two dreams about her, which weren’t interrupted by her spouse.

Photo: Val Steps Out Looking Healthy Amid Cancer Rumors

Naturally, these passionate admissions bothered a good portion of Kilmer’s followers, with some responders calling his admiration for the 47-year-old actress “creepy.”

But Val completely disagreed, telling his critics that the Aussie bombshell was no stranger to having enamoured admirers gush over her!

Responding to one Twitic in particular, Kilmer said there’s nothing “creepy” about telling someone (like your costar in 2003’s The Missing, for example) you love them. He wrote:

Thankfully, Val also received unconditional support from his more loyal fans:

And to prove that he was exclusively obsessed with Cate, Val put another bombshell actress in his love crosshairs.

He gave a shoutout to Jessica Chastain in honor of her birthday, writing:

Uh oh — watch out, Jess! Val might be flying out to visit you next!

We kid! Looks like the actor just really admires his female peers… but we should probably keep a watch on him just in case.

[Image via Twitter/Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

Mar 29, 2017 10:17am PDT

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