The Artist Behind That Fugly Cristiano Ronaldo Bust Defends Himself!

Cristiano Ronaldo's bust artist defends himself.

We can’t!

Emanuel Santos (above), the sculptor of the now infamous (and maybe iconic!) Cristiano Ronaldo airport bust, is defending his work!

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The 40-year-old was interviewed by Portuguese publication Globo Sports, where he proceeded to explain his method:

“I used photos of Cristiano Ronaldo that I searched on the internet as a base. I put the photos next to me and started working on the bust.”

He also maintained that Cristiano had seen the final result and had approved it, saying:

“Cristiano saw the photos that his brother sent him. I was with the brother at Cristiano’s museum in Madeira and from the messages he sent, I could tell that he liked what he saw.”

We find that hard to believe!

Santos went on to add that the soccer superstar only asked for a few minor changes, saying:

“He only asked for some wrinkles to be changed, that give him a certain expression in his face when he’s about to laugh. He said it made him look older and asked for it to be thinned out a bit to make it smoother and more jovial. But they gave it the go-ahead before they liked what they saw.”

As an artist though, he was aware that not everybody would like his work. He said:

“Even Jesus did not please everyone. This is a matter of taste, it’s not as simple as it seems. Reproducing a public figure, and not just any public figure, is a complex task.”

True! But no need to bring Jesus into it!

Santos is keeping a positive outlook, regardless, and hoping this momentary fame will be a boon to his art. He said:

“I’m taking my first steps in this line of work and the intention by doing something this size is to open doors. I’ve got other things to work on already, but the more the merrier.”

Good for him!

And we are eternally sorry, but we still crack the fuck up every time we look at this!

[Image via Emanuel Santos/Facebook/Getty Images.]

Mar 30, 2017 3:58pm PDT

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