George W. Bush’s WTF Reaction To Donald Trump’s Inauguration Speech Revealed!

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How bad have things gotten for the U.S. government?

The country has actually been looking to George W. Bush as some kind of centrist, common sense POTUS. Because next to Donald Trump, who isn’t??

And the ex-prez may have just cemented his greener grass status thanks to witnesses who were within earshot of him at Trump’s Inauguration.

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Despite disagreeing strongly with Drumpf, Dubya had attended the event to honor the tradition of peaceful power transfer in a working democracy. But after THAT speech, he didn’t stick around to give any interviews.

Now we know why! According to THREE accounts relayed to New York Magazine, the 43rd President got up and said simply:

“That was some weird shit.”


And that’s coming from the guy who painted this:

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So… Yeah.

[Image via NBC.]

Mar 30, 2017 1:38pm PDT

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