Don’t Get It Twisted! Former Miss USA Tara Conner Is NOT A Trump Supporter!

Tara Conner has a message for Trump!

Former Miss USA Tara Conner made headlines when she vocalized her support for Donald Trump, and apparently she has even more to say about POTUS now!

Despite explicitly writing in her post that she is “committed to supporting him in any way” she can, the once scandalized pageant winner is doing a bit of backtracking in a new piece, entitled “My Gratitude Does Not Mean I’m A Supporter”!

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In case you didn’t know, Tara was caught drinking underage and using cocaine at a nightclub back in 2006. Drumpf gave her a second chance when he allowed her to keep her title if she agreed to enter rehab, which she accepted.

Well, the 31-year-old is now an advocate for addiction recovery and spoke to The Fix about how great it was that Trump decided to look out for her back then:

“When I was sent to treatment, Donald Trump was practicing inclusion in the workplace. When I could have been fired due to a morality clause, I wasn’t fired because he saw something in me that maybe even the Miss Universe organization didn’t see. All they saw was this pain-in-the-ass girl who lied a lot, was very inconsistent, and could barely put two sentences together. They were tired of it. Because he’s been directly affected by alcoholism and addiction, he could see a little deeper than that.”

She also added:

“When Trump sent me to treatment, what that showed was that this problem can be fixed. There is help out there, and this person has the ability to change. Instead of throwing the hot mess that was now Miss USA onto the street to fend for herself, I was given a chance by being given an option. I happily took that option. I said, ‘Absolutely, I’ll go to treatment. Whatever you need me to do.’ I had hit my bottom, and I was willing to do what was necessary to get well again.”

However, Tara continued by bringing up the importance of having the government, specifically the 70-year-old, back efforts to remove the stigma surrounding addiction:

“I recently went on Fox & Friends to try to encourage President Trump to think about it. I’ve sent him emails and I’ve done what I can to contact him, but the problem is a lack of understanding. Insurance companies for the most part won’t even honor the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act. Rather than make the law respected, President Trump wants to put more money into criminalization and building walls. What he doesn’t understand is that long-term recovery works, and there’s a positive return on that investment. Prevention and treatment are the best ways to battle the problem. As a businessman, I hope the president will look at the facts and see that investing in recovery makes good financial sense. Everyone focuses on how I said he saved my life, but they are ignoring my steadfast belief in prevention and treatment efforts… I wonder whose kid needs to die before the eyes of President Trump are opened to this tragedy. Is it a specific person? What do we need to do in order for people to recognize this as the extreme healthcare crisis that it has become: This is our black plague. Somebody needs to talk about the solution before it’s too late.”

Sounds like she really doesn’t want to be labeled as a Trump supporter — who can blame her?

In response to his controversial health care proposal, the Kentucky native even went on to say:

“Let me be perfectly clear: Just because I have expressed gratitude for what he did for me and just because I have encouraged President Trump to do the right thing does not make me a Trump supporter. This is a failure in perception in relation to the recent press I received. If the cuts that he’s discussing come about, I am going to raise absolute fucking hell.”

Why wait for cuts to happen?!

Anyway, we’re glad Conner is clearing up her stance on the President for the sake of awareness surrounding important health care issues!! It is SO important!

You can read the rest of her interview HERE!

[Image via Instagram/Media Punch.]

Mar 30, 2017 5:35pm PDT

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