Wendy’s Is Trolling McDonald’s On Twitter, And We Are EATING IT UP!

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Wendy’s and McDonald’s have beef on Twitter — and it’s all about beef!

It all started when Mickey D’s posted about their intention to start using fresh, not frozen, ground beef for their burgers. Some time next year.

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We don’t know if Wendy’s had just moved their most merciless employee from the fries to the Twitter account, but the rival fast food chain was quick to spot the weakness of the announcement and POUNCE on it.

What followed was social media savagery!

Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

But that wasn’t all. The red-haired avatar was unrelenting…

Daaaaaamn! We never knew Wendy was a troll! If only she could flip those pigtails, the sass would be complete!

Meanwhile we’re juet watching like…

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[Image via YouTube.]

Mar 30, 2017 8:19pm PDT

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