Sarah Jessica Parker’s Nipples! No Tutu! See The Sex & The City Opening Credits Scene That Almost Was!

Sex and the City had an alternate opening!

No tutu?! Boo!

The opening credits to Sex & The City are pretty much world-famous at this point, and we can’t quite picture anything other than Carrie Bradshaw in that frou-frou tutu getting splashed with dirty water!

But apparently there exists a different scene altogether…

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Yes, Entertainment Weekly has unearthed what was left on the cutting room floor!

In the footage, Sarah Jessica Parker wears a sexy blue dress sans bra (with nips poking through!) and trips when she sees her bus ad, before shrugging it off and twirling away into greener pastures. Or the Plaza Hotel, maybe.

See for yourself (below)! (There’s no volume, BTW).

And almost twenty years since the show premiered, creator Darren Star and stylist Patricia Field reminisced about that alternate scene.

Darren recalled filming the now-iconic moment in 1998, saying:

“There were two wardrobes. One was the tutu, and we did one pass where Sarah Jessica was wearing a blue dress and didn’t get splashed; instead, she trips when she sees the ad. In my mind, it was a nod to The Dick Van Dyke show, but we didn’t use it. It’s in the archives.”

Meanwhile, Patricia and Sarah Jessica rallied for the tutu to be the winner. Patricia said:

“It was very difficult for the producers to understand the tutu. Sarah Jessica and I were fighting for it, and Darren said, ├óΓé¼╦£Okay, but I want other outfits as possibilities.'”

Ultimately, Darren concedes it was the best choice:

“It was such a brilliant choice because, in a way, Carrie’s dancing through her life in New York.”

While they’re reminiscing, we’d like to know exactly how Carrie could afford that fabulous apartment on a sex columnist’s salary. LOLz!

[Image via EW]

Mar 30, 2017 5:09pm PDT

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