Is Donald Trump Losing It??

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Did you guys see this today??

Donald Trump invited the press to the White House Oval Office to watch him sign two executive orders. But after making a brief statement before the signing, the POTUS walked out of the room! Without signing!

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Vice President Mike Pence tried to stop him to let him know he had forgotten to actually sign the documents, but you know Drumpf. It’s not like he’d ever admit to being wrong.

Watch as he makes Pence go get the order and follow him to sign it somewhere else (below):

The way we see it, there are two ways to read this.

The first option is that he walked out when asked by a CBS reporter about the LAST thing he wanted to talk about — the ongoing investigation into his ties with Russia.

As Bloomberg‘s Justin Sink wrote about the meeting:

But you can see in this vid that the question seems to come after Trump’s beeline has already begun.

That brings us to option number two…

This job is getting to him. Trump never seemed like he had the mental acumen for it in the first place, but now his “unpresidented” incompetence is being fanned by having to work harder than he ever has in his life.

No wonder he’s on the golf course so damn much.

Now if there were only some way to make him forget to do everything else he’s planning…

What do YOU think??

[Image via White House.]

Mar 31, 2017 7:55pm PST

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